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I believe that all people are in possession of what might be called a universal musical mind. Any true music speaks with this universal mind, to the universal mind in all people” - Bill Evans


At THEPIANOANDME studio, our teaching approach is a comprehensive and integrated method engaging students in various aspects of learning. It combines elements of the Suzuki Method, incorporating listening, singing, and hands-on engagement, with a focus on ear training and memorization. It also involves elements of the Kodaly Method by integrating singing and verbalizing note names and rhythm clapping. 

We use Faber Adventures for support to kick-start our curriculum as it offers a wide range of manuals for all ages, from young child to teenager and adults to get you started or to help you return to music. When the pianist student gets further along in proficiency we move on to materials from the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM), sometimes deepening the exploration of certain composers and selected pieces outside of that framework when appropriate.

We gently encourage participation in our bi-annual recitals as well as either the MMTA (Minnesota Music Teachers Association) or RCM examinations to serve those musicians who thrive and blossom exponentially in pursuing tangible goals with a deadline to boost motivation and personal development.

In our musical instruction, we also draw inspiration from the late Forrest Kinney who viewed music proficiency in 4 complimentary lenses: Interpretation, Improvisation, Arranging and Composing.


We believe a well-rounded and musical instruction relies on providing 4 fundamental skills declining themselves into subsequent skills:


Knowledge of music as a linguistic system:

Music Theory

Tonal Harmony






Beauty of execution:



Prepared Sight-Reading






Participation in recital and examinations

Focus on stage



Freedom in handling material as a musician:




Lead sheets

Ear-training, harvesting melodies and chords by ear



These skills not being separate but intrinsically entwined and co-dependent to one another.

What we’d like students to take away from attending our lessons, is an educational enrichment and better understanding of their artistic potential, a nurtured and informed interest for music, providing them with a solid classical training, that will serve them in many ways in their music journey or other academic purposes in the future with the core values of active listening, analyzing, consistency and perseverance, problem solving and culturally inspired by the piano works of a diverse array of composers.


We also provide opportunities to explore pop, jazz and contemporary styles, learning in different ways through lead sheets, playing chord voicings transcribing melodies by ear!

We prioritize teaching in-person at the studio even though we occasionally do deliver remote lessons when needed, because we think the transmission of knowledge and passion goes faster and stronger when we can share our thoughts in the same room. We welcome students from any age and backgrounds starting from 5 yo to 105 yo, with daily access to a 88 key weighted piano with sustain pedal at home and curiosity! We like to use technology resources such as musical backtracks when the lesson context permits, for a fun alternative to the metronome!

Here at THEPIANOANDME we absolutely love music theory, the foundation of our learning journey, and enjoy sharing our knowledge with our students in the form of fun seasonal activities as well as written assignments!


Depending on whether you wish to become a professional musician, studying another instrument and being required to achieve a certain level of piano understanding, or simply keen on learning music for your personal enjoyment, it is important to find an instructor willing to listen to your needs and to adjust their teaching style and lesson plans to meet your personal goals, protecting and nurturing all the fun you will experience in the process!

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