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At THEPIANOANDME, our first priority is for you to have fun learning, to love your practive, to want the callenge, whether you are a young person, or an adult, whether your goal is to play for pleasure or to become a professional musician, and whether you are well settled into your own practice and need guidance, or going back to it after a long break, we will adapt to your objectives and needs.

However, let's face it, there will be some work to do! Yep, no work, no rewards! Albert Einstein himself once said: “Genius is 1% talent and 99% percent hard work.” Which means, like most skills in life, the more time and focus you put into it, the faster and better the results. But the work will be so much fun, and we are here to support you.

We want you to succeed, to feel proud of yourself, to acquire a robust technique to be confident in your piano playing and become a lifelong musician.

We will privilege the Faber Piano Adventures manuals to support lessons for their multiple perspectives and cultivation of a musician's attributes, but explore some repertoire pieces from other manuals from a diveristy of composers around the world as well.

When studying a new piece,

- We will analyse each piece from different perspectives: motifs, theme & variation, question-answer, tonal harmony (key-center, chords/scales, etc), voicing, rhythm, etc. starting at beginner level.

This also checks another goal: boost memorization.

- We will break down the 'puzzle' of the piece into smaller chunks, practice targetted excercises

- Discuss technique that works safely for you.

- Briefly discuss the composer, genre and influences to set the scene, put the piece in its historical context

- We may listen to some other recordings - when relevant - to get a general feel of the tune

- We will decipher it, and obtain practice recommendations for next lesson. Come out of class knowing what to do!

As you play your piece in class, the instructor will give you space and listen - This comes off as an obvious one, but noneless important to mention that your brain will be given a chance to  figure out by yourself any challenges you may encounter for a moment before the instructor jumps to your rescue. This is the best way to help grow your own analytical skills, and part of ear training as well.

As we keep positivity and praise all nice work, learning mistakes will also be gently pointed out by your instructor for self-improvement, as we strongly believe students will built more trust in their instructor if they obtain kind and constructive feedback.

Younger minds need a break to make it through class? We can play many games on or off of the piano, while still learning music. We have a few cool kynesthetic rhythm games, (eg. repeat-after-me hand claps, note finder quest, singing, "guess-the-note", "invent the lyrics for this tune", "play-me-your-mood" or simply playing "silly stuff" on the piano, ... and many more...),  inspired by Maria Montessori and Dalcroze Eurhythmics. 

Maria Montessori music learning for the younger minds:

The Maria Montessori approach works wonders for younger learners. It privileges the use of colored and visual tools for a physical representation of abstract and mathematical notions in music, using the child's 5 senses for building comprehention, analytical skills and fine motor skills.

At THEPIANOANDME we have percussion toys, blocks, fun colored cards, colored notes situational games and fun, appealing illustrations to support the development of your child's mind and body in music.

Dalcroze Eurhythmics music learning method:

- For younger minds, emphasis on rhythm with physical with clapping and percussion activies, slow pulse games (students listen to a slow pulse, the pulse stops and the students clap the next pulse at the same pace), ...

- For adult or teenager students, study of swing feel in a pop or jazz context with beat count / foot tap motion, use of backing tracks and improvization drills and rhythmic motifs...

We adapt and use hybrid pedagogy methods and tools tailored to your age, level, and character!

Overall, we value: focusing on goals, positive reinforcement, kindness, patience, doing our best  - and make music with fun!

We hope to welcome you soon, musician!

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