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I attended conservatories of music from a very young age, studying classical piano and music theory in various regions of France and England, made rigorously walk through well know classical pieces like Bach’s Well-Tempered Klavier, Bach’s Inventions & Symphonies, Chopin’s Waltzes and Preludes (which I still love today). More recently when moved to the US to North Carolina, I studied Contemporary genres with works like Samuel Barber’s Excursions. As I led a demanding business career in Aeronautics in parallel, I kept pursuing piano playing perfection as a personal objective. Although I think I received a robust leaning technique, I felt like I had reached a learning plateau, where I could sight-read almost anything but couldn’t “complete” a piece or “achieve perfection”. Also, I couldn’t just sit at the piano without a music sheet either in my memory or before my eyes. Something in my training was missing. I started searching for more.

My curiosity finally led me to the fascinating world of Jazz which I found when moving to Minnesota, learning music theory a new light, in a more practical way, through Jazz Standards, watching countless YouTube videos, podcasts, reading countless books and adding piano quality courses curriculum subscriptions.

When I started studying Jazz, at first it felt unsettling, like a new process of learning music from scratch and, to my surprise, I quickly started noticing a huge improvement in the comfort of playing, breaking down this intellectual barrier which felt like an awakening. For me, it's not about achieving perfection. It's  about involvement with the music, and live and enjoy your music just as it is, today, not tomorrow, after you've become better. 

Why did it only happen later in my life, and how would I have saved precious time if I had someone that had pointed me to the right direction earlier when I was a kid, and taught me all these practice tips that I had to research all over the place, all these years for?

Now as a happy mom of two young free pianists, I want to pass the motivation on and share my tips with aspiring or growing musicians, whether your wish to study music professionally or for fun, in Classical, Jazz, Pop or any genre, and save yourself valuable time and effort. Gift your loved one and yourself the gift of music, here in Minnesota or anywhere with a keyboard and laptop. Get started now!

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" It's about involvement with the music, live and enjoy your music as it is today"

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