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THEPIANOANDME is about creating that personal space at our instrument, feeling free in our play, because the piano bends the mood of the day and makes us travel...

We are a Minnesota local-based family business playing in a cozy, relaxed family friendly home-studio, located in Plymouth, MN.

Take a look!

Browse within the menu pages to find out more about our set ups, curriculum, teaching style. Say hi and ask questions as we want to hear from you!


This is where the magic is happening...

Enjoy a wonderful soft feel and a great accoustic sound with a European-imported 2010 Upright KAWAI K-3 with exculsive mechanics rarely found here in the US!

Tuned 2-3 times a year for a magical sound throughout the year.

Pianos & keyboard are thouroughly disinfected between each session and masks are required in the studio for covid protection.

Chris Winkels.jpg


This is where the virtual teaching is happening from our end!

We use a weighted-keys electrical piano Yamaha P-80 with MIDI visual piano interface for a unique interactive virtual lesson experience on your end:

- Interactive on-screen colorful animation of keys as your teacher is demonstrating,

know what keys were just played, 

- top view Logitech camera so you can see your teacher's hands from above on the keyboard, great for visual demonstration

- notes and chords names appearing in real time as your teacher is playing, so young appretices have absolutely no doubt what notes were played,

- front view camera embedded in Surface Pro so you see your teacher's face as they speak

- Yeti microphone for optimal sound

All at the same time.



This is what you'll see 

Enjoy peace and clarity from the comfort of your home with all the real-life benefits:

- Panoramic top view of your instructor's hands on the keyboard

- Aligned panoramic view of interactive animated graphic keaboard view with clear colors 

- MIDI and speaker sound

- your teacher's face & voice

- Note and chord names

- your own filming image

All at the same time, and on a well-know secured virtual conference platform!

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